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Oh introductions how much you haunt me. I’ll start off by apologizing for the horrible grammar and spelling you’re about to encounter. With that said lets start.

Oh boy, how long has it been since I last updated this project… let’s just say a while. So I’ve been really mean to myself by thinking that I’ve been wasting my time doing nothing and just being useless [mental issues] but when I had some time to reflect and drink some tea [the solution to any problem], I realized, that’s not true at all! Hence the title.

Let’s start with Game Jam. This was my first jam and I was a bundle of feelings [excited/anxious/scared/hopeful] and it’s safe to say it was awesome! I actually documented the process which you can check out here. And I’m happy with the game we did. Here’s the game jam page, and the game its self.

Next, I joined the game innovation lab in NYU where I’m being part of two research projects where one [Minidungons] uses AI and personas to evaluate levels [I actually wrote a paper… me… well in the process of writing]. The other [Data Adventures] uses open data to make a game.

I have also been working on a prototype of a game [definatly writing a post about my experience in this because it’s been hell] called Trumpland.

you can play one same  of the prototype here

I’ve also been working on what I’ve always been wanting to learn, generative art! This has been the most fun out of all. And I can’t wait to finally be able to do more interesting stuff with it. I’m still a beginner but improving none the less

You can check out what I’ve done here. [I’ll keep updating the progress so you can check the site whenever you want]

I’ve also improved my GitHub account [if you have an account there let’s be friends I want to get to know and follow other developers]


And finally, My sister started a project where she draws every day which motivated me to get back to my 180-day project. I’m a bit rusty in web design since I haven’t worked on it for a while so I decided to do a simple one where I draw myself with CSS it’s been fun and I can’t wait to get back to bigger and more interesting stuff. [here’s the link]

If you’re still reading. [Hug] and I promise next time I will post much detailed progress just as before.

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