Trumpland [not the movie]


It sure has been some time since I last posted [when I clearly said that I would post more frequently. Guess I’m full of empty promises. Tsk tsk]  Oh the day’s I drift off topic…

Okay to the point. I’ve been taking classes in AI and game design [I’m thinking of starting a new link on my blog for these topics. Anyone interested?] [here I go again. To the freakin point Athoug!]

In our Game Design class, we are tasked with doing a game prototype every 2 weeks. Sounds reasonable, but when you have a bunch of other coursework, and research projects, it’s absolutely not reasonable. My first two are, well crap. I have the idea but the mechanic and gameplay don’t pay well at all. Felt defeated honestly especially since the professor said: “All of you, have crapy games.” It’s true. None of us have put the effort [Plus it’s difficult to please a guy who has a successfully published game…].

So for this prototype, the pressure is high. I had an idea before that had to deal with a bunch load of physics [and who was I kidding, I don’t remember much but the phrase “Newton’s Law” yup. I feel your judging eyes.] Whenever I feel down or about to freak out I talk to my sisters [I love those two] and I kept telling them “guys, I’m screwed. I literally have no idea for a game…” I jokingly told them I want to have a shooter game where the target is my professor hehe. But ideas kept jumping till we landed on one that I LOVE! it was simple. yet topical. And fun to make! Thus Trumpland came to fruition. I’m not sure if the professor liked it or not, but what matters is that I do. I plan to grow it even further. So here’s the game:

Your goal: Build a wall. How do you achieve that: well, with bricks [duh]. What’s your obstacle: minigames, where based on how you perform, your brick count increases or decreases. Here’s a gif of a gameplay [the first level where you try to detect which tweet is a fake tweet]

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