The year of code

Year of code


So I decided that I want to be a better programmer, and break out of mediocracy. So I did what most people do when they want to do something, google and read a ton of posts about ‘how to [insert point of interest here]’ After reading a couple [ I mean a lot!] of articles/posts/quora answers the best way seems to be, well practice. Okay, we can practice, seems good enough and a reasonable approach, yeah? NO! Because apparently researchers and psychologist came up with an absurd number that discourages the un-discourageable. Basically, they stated that to be good at something you need to spend at least 10,000 hours practicing [emphases on at least] so let’s say we give this ten thousand hour a chance so let’s do some math:

Lets say everyday for 1 hour is spent on practicing to code so 1 X 7 = 7 hours a week which would accumulate to 7 x 4 = 28 hours a month meaning 28 x 12 = 336 hours a year [damn we’re not even getting close] now to find out how many years it would take 10000/336 = 29.8 years to practice at least 10,000 hours…

Yeah, Athoug out.

But wait, I came across this lovely TedTalk and it brought with it the excitement of wanting to be better again. [especially when it through that 10,000 hours rule out of the window]



So this is the year of code, I’ll try to post here regularly. I’ll be in hackerRank and coding wars a lot. So I apologize in advance for all the coding posts. And hey if you’re a coder join me lets practice together if you have any resources about training sites, learning path or simply want to talk code lets.

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