The Lost Bit Day 11 + Game Dev Event

The slump is over! [or rather I hope it is] How did I use to write the intros… Darn it when I just started to get used to it, I forget how to do it. I guess I can start with, ‘Hello. it’s been a while, but I am back now!’.  So let’s just get straight to the point!

A while ago [I think early March] I signed up to speak at a game dev event [Game dev Jeddah] To which I was going to speak about my experience in game dev. So I had a bit of a to-do list to complete which was:

  • Fix game bugs
  • Write the speech
  • Prepare visual aids

Now, part of being a developer is to maintain your code, and yours truly [genus over here] completely neglected. So when I went back to look at my game code… there were bugs. A LOT of them 🙁


So moving on to debugging, we go. Basically the main problem was, I forgot the Phaser framework [which is a major problem] and it also launched a new version so I had to re-learn everything to actually fix the problems, and that is where I spent most of my times [weeks] to re-familiarize myself with the framework, what I wrote, and all that jazz. But you know what, I am extremely surprised, as well as impressed with past Me! Honestly all these lines of codes. You deserve a hug past Athoug you, truly do. Look at the number of lines we have here!

Now, after a week or so, all the bugs were fixed and it’s working properly [woooohooooo] I also optimized it to load faster than it used to [look at me thinking of optimization and all] so one item out of my to-do list. Now on to writing what I’ll actually say!




I have nothing. Seriously. Zero ideas of what I’ll be saying [playing cry me a river as background music to express my feelings or rather show how old or outdated I am]. I also sorta stalked the event on and saw how different my talk is based on past speakers. They were more about tutorials, and theory while mine was basically a story. However, after talking to the lovely chap Malik, and explaining my concern about the topic, he said that personal experience is still a good topic, and people love it. Of course, I procrastinated to writing this thing leaving it off until last minute, and then cram session writing started and settled on what I’ll be discussing.

And thus the last part, visual aids! The lovely Adwa helped in design, and the best thing is when I came across a couple of the messages both Adwa and I exchanged. All the nostalgia, and memories came rushing. [If you want me to share them please tell me, I could write a detailed post about the whole process.]

So all was good, game [fixed] speech [written] visual aids [ready] me [nervous]. I was really scared. I didn’t know what to expect especially that I’ve been hiding in this bubble of mine ever since I came back from the US, where the idea of going to another city, and doing something like this scared me to pieces. But I did it, and it was AMAZING!

I met wonderful talented people [who inspired me to do more], shared my experience, and listened to others stories. It was lovely.  And the lovely messages I got on twitter made me appreciate those people even more!

So to all of you thank you for such a lovely experience.

So the game is up, and you can play it here. So if you do end up playing the game, share your experience with me, or screenshots of what you liked. And finally, I want to thank Moath for in a way motivating me to write and work again on this project of mine. So see you tomorrow, and

Happy coding 🙂

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