Text to Binary Day 31

Today’s project is inspired by my CS150 course when we used to manually convert text to binary. I remember we used to draw a line of values that resulted from [2 to the power of some number starting with 0]  Oh the good old days. When I looked online, I found a couple of text converter apps one of which is this one.

This project is more a programming challenge rather than a design challenge. I started off with just putting up an outline to test the script.

Then started working on the script.  One helpful resource is this stack overflow post. After writing the script it’s time to test it

It works! Brilliant. So then I moved on to making it a bit representable so I started styling. [it’s just a quick style nothing special] Some helpful sources I used were stack overflow posts. One where to disable the default browser style. While the other one is to disable the resize property of a text area.

Okay, a problem is when nothing is added, and the user clicks on convert. So I added a message that alerts the user to actually type in some data

Cool. Now the final product would look something like this

You can check out the actual project here. Today’s project is a quicky, because [hides face in shame]  Orange is the new black is out, and I’ve binge watching it. I had to stop to actually do today’s project and chose to do something quickly. Thus the conversion app. Okay, I’ll stop here, Happy coding 🙂

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