Simon Day 38

First off, hello new readers. Thank you for joining me on this coding journey of mine. Okay, lets start.

Disclaimer: This is one long post

I have been sorta not active. Honestly, my mind just needed a break that consisted of binge-watching tv shows and reading comics [no regrets at all] That’s mainly why I haven’t been as active [others call this procrastination, I call it mind vacation]

I started this project weeks ago, and when I came back to it, I forgot everything I did. so I left it again. Then back again. and that loop consisted for a while until I decided ‘NO MORE!’ I have to face it and try to work on it. As the title states, I’ve been trying to build a Simon Says game with pure vanilla javascript. I thought it would be a breeze. Boy, I was wrong. As always let’s start from the beginning.

I didn’t know how to construct the logic at the start so starting with the UI seemed like a good idea and here’s the process

At this point, I decided that I want to move on a different approach. I don’t want to make the typical Simon Says UI so I started changing things up

Okay now that I have the UI up, it’s time to work on the logic. The first thing I wanted to do, is have the lights animated. and that was simple enough by changing the opacity here’s how it looks like

I then wanted to have a way to identify each color best way is numbers. and since this is a sequence I need an array to hold the values. for testing, I made it as whenever the user clicks to play a random number between a range gets added to the array [this would be the cmp]

okay, fantastic. Light animation working. I have a sequence. Now I want my javascript to control the lighting up and down of the bars. As you can see from the console below. whenever I call the lightMeUp function on a color I want it lights up.

So as you saw in the gif above, I was controlling the lights with the console. now I want to connect the array with the lighting function so it would light up based on the sequence and let’s try it out. [Click here for the next post since Tumblr can’t handle the amount of media in this post]

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