Pong Day 28

As the title states, today’s project is the old classic pong game.  [I’m really interested in games]. For the design, I’ve chosen these color palettes

The elements are not that much

  1. div [to hold the scores
  2. canvas [for the game]
  3. footer

Now the game elements I wrote them down to implement them with are

  • draw the game elements [game surface, paddles, and ball]
  • adding the object properties [such as the x, y positions, and width and height]
  • updating the elements [collision, scores, and drawing]

and the final project looks like this

You can check out the final product here.  I’d love to hear your feedback or screenshot of your scores. [because I added a ai to the pc first time doing it]

well, that is it for today. Till then happy coding 🙂

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