Pizza | Pure CSS Day 69.5

Another day another coding practice! Today I spent too long on learning Raect that the time left to do a project was cut short so I decided to practice more CSS by doing a quick image and I decided to do a pizza to practice layering. So here is the result [ no time for process images]

It’s also responsive! I took time today to go over responsive design [ a quick tutorial, not an in-depth one. Note to self, take time to look over it]  You can check the final result for your self here

Pizza | Pure CSS

Now I have a couple of fixes to do in regards to responsiveness. The last couple of projects well let’s just say I didn’t pay that much attention too. so let’s get right down to it.

We start off with the tribute page to STEM Women [first react project]


And then we move on to the next project which is manipulating button colors using variables

Then the themes project

Yay! I just have one more to fix which I’ll leave for tomorrow. If you want to check any of these projects, here’s a link to the site.

That’s all for today. Happy coding to you all 🙂

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