Pixel Generator Day 20

So after yesterdays disappointment, I wanted to do something a bit fun. I love the canvas and what it has to offer, however, I’m still in the learning process. Pixels fascinate me [to which I think you already realized since I made a game about a pixel on the screen :p] I stumbled on this tutorial that seemed fun. The logic is still a bit fuzzy to me [the image data bit] but I guess I’ll get there. I loved the result though!

This made me a bit excited so I decided to go back to yesterdays project. And I will not give up till I have conquered that bloody checkbox! I started out with a completely blank screen to try out and test customization. This tutorial helped a lot! [so thank you, kind human, who posted this]

[tears of joy!!!!] Yes it worked!! Now to add it to the official project. Also, when I tested my to-do list on mobile, I realized whenever I hit the enter key it doesn’t add it so I also worked on that function. And now

:D! [YES!] The UI is much much better now. Glad that I persisted on it rather than give up. I still want to add a couple of more features to the list. But none the less I’m happy now! Also the playlist on youtube that I use when coding kinda makes me happy. listen to it! It will motivate you to do work. I swear. This will be a short post, but a happy one. You can check out both projects on my site. See you tomorrow, till then happy coding 🙂


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