LostBit Day 8

To all you self-doubters [just like yours truly], I recommend you start reading caniprogram’s blog. I especially loved his post here. [it came at a right time, just as if he knew I was in doubt]. Now off with the project.

Last week, I had the chance to go to this awesome place [I hope I get to hear from them]. Anyways, I was asked about game dev, and that’s when I thought ‘Oh yeaaaah I do develop games. So for this day, I decided to design the landing page of the game. I’ve always loved videos, and I have a game trailer video, why not utilized it yeah? I did.

I made a full page video [it was fun :)]. Now I wanted to add the game description on top of the video, however… it doesn’t look nice

Every designer out there right now looking at this, are giving me the death stare. Yo I know it’s bad, that is why I’m trying to find a better design. Problems are:

  • the text is desecrating.
  • also unreadable
  • video can’t be passed [in a loop]
  • and those black borders are annoying me.

To fix this, I decided to have a pause button. Hide the description. and now I think it looks better. You can have a look yourself here.

As you can see when the user clicks on the pause button, they get the description. Now the play button is where I need to get working on. You see, the game engine I used, had a new release so I need to debug the program. I just had to post something now for the day. Anywho, how have you been? Do you like playing web game?

Happy coding 🙂

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