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So here we are, starting the crazy challenge [crazy is good so do crazy things, guys. It’s truly thrilling]. Okay on with the project. As a start, I decided to make the first project the actual home page of the site that will host or rather archive the projects. As I stated before, in the post about starting this project, I’m planning on practicing UI as well, so it took me a while to decide on how to style the site. Now, remember when some time ago I said that you mentally improve so much, however, your skill sets aren’t as advanced as your thoughts. Here is where I stumbled into that dilemma [internally crying]. I had this crazy style idea, but my skill sets aren’t up o that bar [yet]. So [damn I need better connecting words] First step, I decided to look through design patterns. My research concluded that flat design, as well as material design, is all the hype which caused me to use a minimalistic approach to the design of the page [or maybe that’s the excuse I use in defense to this design. Don’t judge me! I feel your eyes rolling].

The color scheme I chose is

With my colors chosen, I move on to typography. I decided instead of using my favorite font ‘Helvetica’ [I do not care about your opinions on Helvetica, it is awesome. noqta! (period)]. It was fun using google fonts. The best thing was the meter that shows the load time for the font. It made me think of optimization/access time for the first time [double time, damn I’m lame…] It took me a while, but finally, I settled on my design. It’s plainly simple. But I plan to later [once I gain better experience] to add processing to the background which I believe will make it epic! But for now, this is what I have

So yay. This post makes it sound like I finished quick… No, no, it took a while buuuut yay it’s set. Now the most dreaded part [or it’s just me] Hosting [dum dum duuuuuuum we need to add some drama yeah] I hate hosting partially because I don’t truly understand the science [I hate not understanding something] and Godday is crap. So confusing as hell so I learned my lesson. So first things first, find a hosting service. Google says that siteground is good so I went with it. and boy oh boy setting the FTP was a nightmare! It wouldn’t connect I tried for two days and nothing… So I’m fed up that’s it I’m canceling my account and looking for someplace else. Part of the cancelation process in Siteground, you had to talk to a representative. So once I was hooked with one, I was so hostel and was all like ‘Yo, cancel my account you guys are crap!’ I do not envy those technicians I bet they deal with crappy customers like yours truly all the time. She was so sweet though Here’s how it went on

tech: ‘May I ask why you want to cancel your account?’

me: ‘couldn’t set up my site it’s confusing and I hate it!’

tech: ‘okay, I can help you set it up :)’

me: ‘No, I want to cancel’

tech: ‘I see that your domain isn’t registered with us I’ll help set things up for you. Also, I can register a new domain for you for free.’

[damn it she’s triggering my cheap side]

me: ‘a free domain?’

tech: ‘Yes!’

me: ‘…okay but FTP isn’t working with me!’

tech: ‘Oh no worries, let me pull in info for you….

host: [……….]



use this info, and it will connect successfully.’

me: ‘Hold on, let me check … HEY, IT WORKED!’

tech: ‘yay! Anything else I can help you with?’

me: ‘No thanks, you were awesome that’s all I need’

tech: ‘awesome, have a good day :)’

Guys, after that exchange with here, I truly recommend you use SiteGround for hosting when they 24/7 support they mean it, and they’re super nice.

Now I have my site up and running, and I’m happy. Project day 1 success!

not too soon, why? Well, when scrolling through Twitter [as you do] I came across a twitter poll asking whether you design a mobile approach first or desktop approach… crap. That’s when it hit me. I haven’t been designing using best practice. I just designed based on my browser window.  Bad Athoug. Very bad Athoug.

I thought to myself, screw it….

Then after a good nap, I woke up and said to myself ‘Damn it, we said we’ll be better developer go fix it!’ So I started trying to make it responsive. Because honestly, it’s crappy looking in mobile view. so I spent a while testing and fixing my media queries, and  it looked good, but then all of a sudden it screwed up

NO! NO! Hours, hours spent and this is what happened… I nearly threw my laptop. But you know what fix any mood, a good cup of tea. So after sipping some tea, I came back and did it all over, and now it’s finally mobile friendly!

Woohoo! I’m good now. I’ll fix site two and make it responsive but for now, I’m happy 🙂 Check out the site here. How about you, how was your coding/design day today? anywho

Happy coding.

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