Digital Clock Day 13 + Tesla VS Edison Day 14

I need to write these days because I don’t want to be lazy. You see I was going to use them as fall out days for the ones where I just didn’t feel like doing anything, but hey! How would this solve my lazy attitude? I did those projects a while ago but never got up to writing the blog post so here goes.

Digital clock

Time fascinates me. it’s my favorite thing! And the fact that each person perceives it differently makes it more appealing. So basic time project, well, a clock.  The logic was pretty simple. All I had to do is play with a date object and bam a clock is born. So the practice part was UI. I wanted to do a nice design with pure code and thus it worked [css works magic I tell ya] The only problem I faced when using the same id twice [which was a rookie mistake] Sadly whilst working on this project, I didn’t really document the process well so the only screenshot I got is if the final result.


Pretty proud of the design. I can see that I kinda sorta improving. You can check out the actual project here. [truly sorry for the lack of progress results]

Tesla VS Edison

Now my first game was this one. Tesla VS Edison. This too was made using the javascript framework Phaser. Now this project consisted of a lot of debugging, hosting, and testing. sadly, just like the digital clock… it lacks progress images [I know I know, at times I’m terrible at this] [ forgive me please]. However, I have a nice image of the loading screen to share [something is better than nothing you guys]


You can play the game here. Please do and share your score! Let’s see if you can beat mine! [My current score is 132].

Brilliant now that I finally actually wrote those posts, off to today’s project. See you later on today. and happy coding 🙂

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