Countdown Day 15

These couple of months haven’t really been the best. [teaching isn’t my thing yo] but we’re surviving and it’s almost over! I realized I’ve been checking my calendar quite often counting how many days are left to be free of this hell hole. It then hit me ‘Hey what are you doing?! You’re a programmer just do a countdown’ and that’s what I did!

The idea was well, like any other countdown out there, count how many days are left for freedom. It was tricky at first because well, date objects are confusing as they could ever be. But some helpful resources that help clarify the process are this amazing post by aphi Berhanu. And this youtube video by  Adam Khoury.

This time, I wanted to start with UI, because that’s what takes most of my time. and well it was a process…

Man pure CSS design can be tricky. But eventually, I got there. Then I moved on to the logic. I thought all was good until I ran the script and well…

ummm what is going on? So I wanted to make sure what the return value was so I checked my trusty console and

hmm, not a number. Yours truly wrote the date data in the wrong order. so after fixing the date string well, it worked!

I’m still not sure about the design though… So I decided to add some color. I needed a guide to help me in what colors match so I used this site that helps in color pallets. And after some tweaking, I like how it looks now.

And damn! only 15 days left! [wooohoooo!] So yeah that’s today’s project, and you can check it out here.

See you tomorrow and happy coding 🙂


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