ColoredBit Day 24

Hello There. Miss me? [guess not] The only explanation I’ve got for this week-long break is, well… I needed a mental vacation. [I don’t think you can call it a vacation since I spent my time, moderating exams, and grading] But all is well now and we’re back full gear! I already feel the summer optimism in the air 🙂 I’ll just jump to the project.

My friend and I are starting this project to which we called ColoredBit. To launch this project, we first need a website. And who got the task of developing the site but yours truly [moment of joy]. I was given complete control.

The first step was designing the logo. Mind you, this is the first time where I would be designing a logo so [pressure level is on high]. I first started looking at logos that I liked in hopes of being inspired. Here are a couple of samples I liked.

from there we started coming up with ideas. And lord and behold we settled on one [which we all loved] What do you guys think?

Now that we have the logo, I moved on to designing the page. When asking my team. What style do you want the site to have, the kept throwing the words modern and minimal at me [I wonder if they really know what it means or are they just using whatever trendy word they know]?  Anywho, with that in mind I start trying to design the landing page and as you might guess, it wasn’t going well. It’s not that I don’t know how to do it, for crying out loud I’ve been doing sites for a while now, it’s just that the design… I didn’t like it. I keep looking at it and think to myself ‘surly I can do better than this’ The first design was this

Horrible. I agree. They liked it… They kept saying “yeah yeah that’s exactly what we want. Simple!” but no. This is just bad. I can’t do a site that I personally don’t like. So I do want I do best, start from scratch. This time, I decided on an aside panel. and…

[sigh…] I still feel it’s an iffy design. Again the team liked it [they’re easy to please aren’t they] But I still feel we can do better. Also looking at the designs, I do not feel they’re up to modern standers. They got tired of me changing, so I started changing without really telling them. I had material design in mind while doing this version, and well it’s a bit better

I’m happy with this one, but not too happy [I’m my worst critique]. I then remembered my lost bit trailer project [not sure what day it is… maybe 8] And decided to follow that same approach and I’m glad I did because it’s epic now!

I love it now! and what’s even better is I made it responsive

What do you guys think? You can check out the actual site here. It was a process really to reach this point [with loads of self-doubt] but the result was rewarding 🙂 Btw we’re developing a game and would love to have an artist on board. If you’re interested hit us up!

Okay, I guess that is it for today. See you tomorrow, and happy coding!

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