Canvas Day 42

It’s been a while since last uses JS or any of its features so I’m a tad bit rusty. So this day required a bit of tutorial and experimentation. I started off with a couple of youtube videos and it wasn’t bad, I remembered the structure of users with canvas and the result wasn’t that bad

Result 1: familiarized me with movement.

Then I wanted to know how to actually have it as a background. It was easier than expected. I tried to make a noise background to give a sketchy feel to it.

Result 2: Canvas background

Now that I know how to make it a background, I can finally do what I wanted to do with my site background! I wanted it to have some life. movement but I lacked the skills, but not anymore 🙂 True, I sacrificed performance for looks but hell I love it! it looks awesome now

Now finally having some fun with the background did some practice with particles (followed a code pen post)

I’m aware these are small experiments, but none the less they do count as a project. I was contemplating whether to add them as one or not, but hey I spent time learning, practicing and implementing and that’s the whole point of this project. So yeah, it counts as day 42. It’s taking a while to get into the grove of this project, but it’s a start. You can check them out here.

Hope you’re having a great day and happy coding.

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