breakout day 9.5

How can a day be a .5 day? Well, I am a weirdo. So this will be short mainly because I wanted to familiarize myself with the framework.

Hold up

Hold up! Lets back up a little.

So day 9 was a breakout game built on pure javascript. True it was educational but time-consuming. That’s why some frameworks exist. One of which is Phaser. I used to work with it during my game dev course, but time passed by and I sorta kinda forgot about it [Hides in shame] So I wanted to re-familiarize myself with the functions, and project setup by doing the breakout game again. And boy, it was much simpler and easier! especially the animation. [I especially love the ball animation when hitting the bricks, yes it’s a simple addition but it adds more life to it!]. So I guess this is a short post but you can check the game here, and do send me your scores


happy coding 🙂

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