Brain Overload Day 10

The title says it all. I’m extremely overwhelmed with projects. I did it again. I keep taking things on board without thinking about my brains capacity [sad]. So I decided to express myself with a website.

I started this project thinking it will be a breezy one. Max should take me an hour… [I thought wrong] [What’s new though]. So lets back up a little.

This project is simple, basically, flash some colors, add an image of a brain and text that says ‘Yo, my brain is tired’ or something of that sort.  I started off with illustrator, this part was fun and simple. I drew an outline of a brain have a look


Now, the usually of the structure and styling. All was good until I started targeting the body tag using the DOM. Basically, I had an array of colors that should be applied to the body tag. But for some reason, it wasn’t working. So when things aren’t working I go to my trusty console to check what’s wrong. So I wanted to see what I’m getting when targeting the element by the DOM and well this is what I got…

Nothing. As you can see the loop is working but no element is being returned. Then I realized, what I’m getting is an array and I need to specify which element I mean. So after figuring this silly mistake [Witch took a while], I got my element as you can see.

Now off to changing the style of the page to get it working. So the idea is flashing colors and it worked!

And now the last thing is left to do is place my image and text to fully express myself.

You can check out the final result here. I’m aware it’s simple but expressive. The weekend is coming, so I will defiantly work on a bigger project till then, Happy coding! 🙂

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