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Happiness Reasons Day 70

So today I wanted to do a React application to well practice more. I’m still in the beginning stages of learning but it never hurts to get more practice. I was watching a Casey Neistat video where he was talking about why he does what he does. He concluded that the reason is happiness and I […]

Pizza | Pure CSS Day 69.5

Another day another coding practice! Today I spent too long on learning Raect that the time left to do a project was cut short so I decided to practice more CSS by doing a quick image and I decided to do a pizza to practice layering. So here is the result [ no time for process […]

Pixel Heart Day 69

Today’s project is yet another CSS variable one. To be quite honest, these sets of projects have helped me immensely in thinking of elements as components. Hey, react I’m looking at you bro. Anyhoo, as part of my CSS pure image challenge, I want to keep doing vector graphics, yet I didn’t want to take too […]

CSS Variables | Themes Day 68

We’re still on it with variables. This time it was about themes. It forces you to think of things in components which is pretty neat. I loved working on the UI though. I’m nowhere the level I want but consistency will get me there 🙂 okay enough talk and more pics so, as always I started with the design […]

CSS Variables | Buttons Day 67

This will be a quick one. After going through the variables in the codepen preprocessor [SCSS] I realized how wonderful the presence of variables in CSS would be. And I came across this article that’s awesome, and not only that it has a tutorial which I followed along [changed the design though] So without further ado, […]

Polaroid | Pure CSS Day 66

Another day another challenge. Today when picking up an image, I wanted to make something that later I can add on. So I had an idea. I want a camera. I scoured for some inspiration and happen to fall into this amazing graphic by pragati singh. At the beginning when thinking of all the components, I felt a […]

Pikachu | Pure CSS Day 65

After day 64 I realized something… I forgot most of the stuff I knew. Of course, panic took place, then escapism crept in [the escape was real people] but then soon after, I had to face the issue. I have to reacquaint myself with CSS. I came across this awesome article about making vector art using […]

Women in STEM Day 64

I have mixed feelings whilst writing this post. Reason be, I’m happy that I’m back to programming, yet at the same time frustrated at how out of practice I am. Things that only took me a few seconds to do now take me minutes if not hours… Not to mention the stuff I forgot.  But […]


Dusting Off Your Programming Fingers [Day 1]

What an obscure title. Well yeah, I didn’t really know what to call this project and that seemed the best suited in my opinion. Anyway, it’s been a while. When was the last post? Given I don’t really know, it shows how long it’s been since I legit sat and programmed and thought of a problem. […]

Beginning Backend

Hello all, So as the title suggests, I’ve just started dabbling in the backend world. Truth be told it’s intimidating, scary doesn’t begin to describe how I’m feeling, also don’t forget that fear mixture as well [sigh]. It brings everything I learned from the frontend and tells me “hey hey remember that structure, yeah forget […]