Animated Logo Day 29

Today is animation day. I wanted to practice a bit of animation using CSS. reasons being 1. I love animation. 2. I need to learn new things. So I started off by practicing and following a tutorial and this was the outcome

I learned quite a few things. a new way of selecting classes, how to make keyframe animations, and understanding the transform-origin property. A couple of helpful links:

I then started working on my own project. I decided to animate the logo we did [in some days of this project] As always started off with the basic HTML structure

Then added a bit of color

Now that I have everything styled properly. I start animating

Yay! not bad for a first try 🙂 [pretty happy about it]

You can check out the final product both on my website, and my codepen page.

That is it for today, till then, happy coding 🙂

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