A New Project [hope it works]

Now we move on to a bigger ambition. I don’t know if it’s reasonable or just a plain stupid idea, but honestly, I’m all tired of going through tutorials, reading books, and knowing all the theory but no action. So I’m planning on doing 180 websites in 180 days [I might change it to say ‘180 somewhat days’] The idea came from a Quora answer. It went like something like:

Just another normal day, prepared a cup of tea with milk [more like a large mug], had my first sip [add slurp sound] started off the my laptop and hit the internet and started my normal searches on Google [I know it’s stupid but I keep searching the same question wanting to hear peoples different perspectives] one of them were ‘How to be a better programmer?’ [I search this a lot] And came across an answer that truly inspired me. in which the writer says start developing and improve throughout the way and pointed out  Jennifer Dewalt’s 180 website project. The fact that she learned to code by just starting was inspirational. so I plan to do the same thing. So my plan is to practice both coming, and UI/UX at the same time. I don’t know if this is an embarrassing idea and stupid altogether because people will see [if any] how shit I am. But oh well, we all need to start somewhere yes…

You can follow my progress on athoug.xyz and read my musings about each project here. Hope this works and turns out good.

Happy coding!

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